Floor and wall tiling service

Raw section

The rough part of the house is simply understood as the frame structure so that the raw material is very important, decide the sustainability of the house. From foundation to skeleton must be properly designed and constructed. Material must comply with regulations.

The raw part is an important premise for all subsequent construction processes so that  it should be calculated carefully.

To save costs, time and minimize negative impacts on buildings, the raw materials must be standard and accurate

Build raw

The raw include: foundation with underground tank, bearing structure systems (frames, columns, beams, concrete floors), concrete roof, stairs have poured and build ladders, the wall system covers and divides the non-plastered partition , wall construction and painting, water painting, waterproofing, handrail, electricity pipelines, water supply and drainage system,…..

Tiling section

The brick are tiled on the wall not only increase the aesthetics of the housing space but also can help protect the construction, avoiding the impact of the weather. A brick wall can also avoid stains when children play in the house.

– Tiling for toilets and bathrooms

– Tiling for wall food

– Tiling for stairs

– Tiling for terrace

– Tiling for the living room

– Tiling for kitchen

– Tiling for highlighting the wall

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