Maintain and lining the floor mats

Advantages of floor mats

Today, carpet is a familiar material for consumers, creating a luxurious, polite and cozy home. Especially when you have a beautiful and clean carpet, you will be assured of your child and you

Carpets will help minimize slipping and improve the safety of the house, reduce noise.

However, carpets are very susceptible to dirt from shoes or food that we clone on the carpet surface. And carpet cleaning will take a long time.


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As a carpet liner supplier and maintenance we recommend:

Cleaning carpets is absolutely not allowed to apply the method of regular carpet cleaning, the ways to wash is not correct that  not only does not clean the stains but also makes our floor mats badly because do not blow dry completely after washing or more serious will damage your carpet.

If you have trouble with maintaining and cleaning carpets.

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– Maintaining, cleaning, washing floor mats as required

– Applying and implementing new floor mats (imported directly from many countries around the world) with the lowest prices on the market.

– Provide all kinds of office floor mats for offices, restaurants, hotels, gyms, clubs, warehouses ….

– Provide carpet types, 50cmx50cm carpet tiles.

– Apply directly and  free shipping in the inner city (Ho Chi Minh City), delivery fast, prestige, quality

With a team of experienced our company is committed to providing carpets with the cheapest price – the fastest – the most quality – the most prestigious.

Regular carpet care and periodic cleaning (every 4-6 months) will increase carpet life, especially the quality of your life.

Using carpet care and maintenance services is essential, carpet cleaning services will help you completely remove stains, parasitic fungal bacteria that cause health damage, save you time. . In addition, when you come to the service, you are given basic knowledge about the proper use and preservation of carpets.


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