Repair and paste wallpaper

Wallpaper is a wall decoration material in the interior design industry. Wallpaper increased aesthetics, creating a remarkable style for each room.


Maintenance is extremely important thing to preserve beauty as well as improve the quality of paper.


Because the climate in Vietnam is not the same as the European countries, Korea and Japan, the flaw of the paper during long-term use is inevitable. Therefore, you should periodically maintain the wallpaper for every 6 months.


Keeping your clean walls is the key to increasing the long life and beauty of your home, but before proceeding to clean your walls make sure you know that your wallpaper is sensitive. Exposure to water, thick type with high tolerance,  can get detergents or not

If your wall is scratched or torn during use, how will you do it?



With professional wallpaper maintenance techniques , Dr.Home provide services:

– Patch pieces torn large due to scratches during use.

– Eliminate dust and Cialis Sans ordonnance spiders network

– Clean wallpaper

– Remove grease, stain on wallpaper, clean up the excess of the stains

– Fix broken edges of the wallpaper: When you detect a frayed spot on the wallpaper, the best thing is to solve it as soon as possible, if the fraying is too long, it will get bigger or be hard  and to do the repair more difficult.

Let Dr. Home give you the best safe and saving solution. Our responsibility is to share your worried, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to get consultation and free support.

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