Repair electrical systems

Dr.Home specializes in providing maintenance services to repair electrical equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters … With many years of experience in providing renovation and maintenance services to households. , Dr.Home helps you solve any problems related to maintenance and repair of electrical equipment so that the device can operate more efficiently.

This damage can be caused by external factors such as foreign forces, dirt, or internal elements of the product. Therefore, the regular inspection and maintenance of products will help users to promptly detect incidents, ensuring the process is operated smoothly.


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Benefits of repairing and maintaining electrical system

– Giving fresh air.

– Avoiding respiratory diseases.

– Protecting the electrical system, helping to increase the life of the machine.

– Refrigeration equipment will save 40% of electricity consumption after being cleaned

– Notice of possible damage to timely fix refrigeration equipment

– Help the machine work well and stable.

– Avoid incidents and risks of electricity like the open circuit.

Dr.Home’s refrigeration system maintenance and repair services:

Quick repair:

Air conditioning system.

Gas pump.

Clean up the air-condition.

Others damaged issues.


Annual maintenance:

Clean up the air-condition.

Gas pump.

And check.

Air-related problems according to the specified time.

To meet the demand for maintenance and repair of operation systems for villas,  apartments, buiding . Viet Quoc Group suggests Dr.Home’s services to customers. With nearly 10 years of experience, Dr. Home gives you the most effective, safe and economical solutions for your home

Let Dr. Home give you the best safe and saving solution. Our responsibility is to share your worried, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to get consultation and free support.

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