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In the rainy season families must face wet walls, leaking ceiling.  When the wall is wet because rain, the wall is easily rotten, and lead to more serious situations.

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The  consequences of wet walls, leaking ceiling

Unhygienic condition inside the building – inviting various diseases

The action of moisture on the different portions of the structure induce decay and disintegration of materials like bricks, stone, steel, timber, etc. as continuous presence of moisture in the portions causes growth of moss, fungus and corrosion.

Dry rot – The presence of moisture in timber causes the disease in the timber, termed dry rot. Dry rot is effective due to presence of a virulent type of fungus allied to mushroom type.

Disintegration – Continued presence of moisture in brick may cause mechanical injury to the wall. If there are cracks in the wall or porosity which may retain water which increase in volume and cause severe damage.


The cause of wet walls, leaking ceiling

Due to the woking process, the contractor does not do the professional waterproofing process.

Defective roof-leakage is a major source of water entering the wall and making it damp.

Mortar joints not laid properly and uniformly are sources of attracting moisture.

Leaking pipes – Soil, waste water, rain water, or water supply pipes allowing water to enter the walls.

Do not survey, check carefully before plastering the waterproofing layer leading to unsecured.

Dr.Home’s waterproofing and leakproof services:

Waterproofing with current materials, long-term warranty

Waterproofing the entire surface: waterproofing ceiling, slat, cross roof, concrete roof, WC, water tank …

Waterproofing underground project, basements, elevator pits …

Waterproofing underground tanks, swimming pools …

Waterproofing follow the cracks on concrete ceilings, cross roofs, slopes, terraces

Consulting, providing waterproofing solutions for civil and industrial projects.

Cheap and reliable quality waterproofing to ensure all work perfect.

Waterproofing for bathroom

Waterproofing for wall

Waterproofing for wall

Waterproofing for superior


Waterproofing for Terrace

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