Home renovation repair

What is home repair or renovation?

House repair or home repair, home improvement is the work of repairing a number of items or the whole house or any other buildings that are damaged, renovating items or structures such as foundations, floors, pillars, roof beams, walls, yards … from old to new or change the structure, reconstruct the works to suit the new purpose of the homeowner.

Dr Home’s home repair, home improvement service

Doctor Home Repair Co., Ltd is a pioneer in providing house repair services, home renovation, repair of old houses into new houses, level 4, house repair packages. We serve home repair needs in Ho Chi Minh and neighboring provinces. Dr. Home is a fully licensed business company, which relates the rights and responsibilities of Dr Home to customers. A team of highly qualified architects and engineers will be the perfect choice for your home.


DrHome recognizes the difficulties and challenges that every family faces regularly. There are small, simple items that you can repair and fix yourself, but with large, complex items that you cannot do on your own, it takes a lot of time to repair, avoiding unnecessary risks. you need a qualified Company.

If you do not have the time, tools, equipment or technical expertise required to handle your home, please contact Dr’s repair and renovation services. Home We provide professional, reliable home improvement services, improvements and complete all tasks from small projects to large projects.

DrHome ‘s service includes

  • Home renovation 4
  • Home repair package in HCMC
  • Repairing houses, renovating old houses into new ones
  • Home improvement services
  • Service of improving and elevating the floor
  • Renovating the house facade
  • Completing rough masonry
  • Maintenance of houses and buildings
  • House waterproofing and leak-proof service
  • Repairing the water supply and drainage system
  • Service of interior and exterior water paint
  • Repair electrical system
  • Services of construction of tiles and tiles, paving and smoothing
  • Close plaster ceiling
  • Interior construction design
  • Renovating and repairing basements, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets…

Sửa chữa nhà trọn gói

Dr. Home is confident to provide the best home repair services to customers. With honesty, clarity, and a team of experienced employees, we always affirm the top quality. The home repair items are endless because of many different arising factors, so when the specific tasks have not been determined yet. Home will examine the actual situation and give specific advice and give the most optimal and economical solutions.

The reason you should hire a professional renovation company

When something goes wrong in your house, you may not always know how to fix and fix it, or you can do it but not guarantee a complete or complete improvement. . Doing this without intervention may take more time and effort but not bring high efficiency, not to mention will cause additional damage or unwanted problems.

Another reason is that for the non-lasting incidents that will affect your daily life, you need to contact a home improvement repair company, they have enough manpower and materials. quality and knowledge and experience to handle properly, the shortest processing time, the fastest, limiting the inconvenience in your home life.

Time is always an important factor that DrHome is highly appreciated by many customers. When receiving information from customers who have confidence in contact about home repair services, our staff will handle it quickly, we will record any problems that the customer is facing, then the He will make an appointment to meet in person for surveys and advice. If customers choose home repair services from Dr. Home, the quality of work, progress and delivery to guests is a top priority, which minimizes any changes or inconveniences that occur to the host.


Process of service implementation of Doctor Home

1. Customers contact about Dr.Home’s services via 2 Hotline 0902413859 and 0901172859, employees of Dr. Home will receive customer information.

2. Consulting customers to describe the current situation and preliminary quotation.

3. Engineers conduct actual surveys and send accurate quotes. After confirming the survey address from the customer, the engineer of Dr. Home will conduct a field survey, give specific advice on items that need to be renovated or renovated. DrHome will send detailed home repair quotes to customers for a budget.

4. Proceed to sign the contract and execute the house repair, inspection and handover: Home will specify the construction items, rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. Completed construction will check, acceptance and hand over to customers.

5. Call customers after 1 week to receive feedback, record all customer feedback.


Quotation of our services

Depending on the issues, the items will need to be repaired. Dr. Home will send a detailed home repair quotation for the items that need to be repaired after the survey and give the most appropriate solution. The cost of home repair and renovation from DrHome guarantees customers the best price on the market, commensurate with the quality of service we bring.

If you have demand for home renovation services, home repairs, or renovations, please contact Doctor Home for advice and quotation:

Doctor Home – Home Maintenance and Renovation


Address: 283/26-28 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City


Hotline: 0902 413 859 – 0901 172 859

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