Interior and exterior painting service

The meaning of  colors

According to some scientific studies, the color may affects the health and psychology of customer. Choosing colors that show not only the beautiful and  the feeling but also the emotion and the style of ower.


Thi công sơn sửa nhà TPHCM

However, besides choosing paint, you have to note that

– Do not use more than 3 colors for a room

– When combining hot colors with cold colors, pay attention to the ratio, because the hot color always overwhelms the cold

– Paint colors must be compatible with exterior paint colors and must be suitable for the size and colors of objects in the room.

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Các màu sơn nhà phổ biến

In addition to color, the construction technique is also a decisive factor to help the house be beautiful. Let Dr.Home’s give professional color consultant to renew your home.

Paint services of Dr.Home’s:

– Paint a new house: a package paniting

– Paint the old house: Repainting, mending walls, handling peeling, yellowing surface, paint finishing.

– Paint project: Townhouse, Villa, …

In addition to the field of water paint, the team of Dr.Home received iron gate oil paint, iron fixation, iron materials, wood …

Biệt thự Vinhomes ở Quận Bình Thạnh

Why should customers choose Dr.Home’s interior and exterior paint service?

– A team of professional workers with nearly 10 years in the field of design, construction of residential houses, villas and public building

– Caring and friendly attitude

– Quickly handle customer needs, competitive prices.

– Free consulting services.

Let Dr. Home give you the best safe and saving solution. Our responsibility is to share your worried, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to get consultation and free support.

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