Repair and maintain the aluminum glass door systems

With advantages like durability, good heat resistance, glass doors also bring an open, luxurious, harmonious and peace space. Therefore, all kinds of glass doors, aluminum glass doors are popular materials used for construction project.

After a period of time in operation, the glass door will generate some problems, and to keep the door stable and durable, you must maintain the glass door carefully.

Maintenance of windows after a period of use is an important and essential step. Because of regular maintenance, your new windows always work well, avoiding damage and costly later.

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The process of maintaining aluminum door

* Cleaning: Aluminum doors, aluminum glass doors, … should be cleaned periodically to ensure good operation as the original. We use the best solutions to ensure the quality of aluminum.

* Window maintenance: Hinges are lightly lubricated with sewing machine oil.

* Maintain other accessories such as hinge lubrication, door handle maintenance, door lock …

In addition, in the using process, it is also necessary to pay attention to the grip, how to open and close the door so that the glass use time is long.

Usually, for small buildings, families can maintain the glass door themselves. However, if there are damages or you want to ensure a smooth maintenance, it is best to look for a professional maintenance center, where there are industry experts.

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Accompanied with maintenance , we received new design and installation of all aluminum frame glass doors, hydraulic door rollers.

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