Repair electrical systems

The service of maintenance and repair of electrical systems is provided to support customers and overcome all problems of power system to bring a absolute convenience, safe living space, at the same time, eliminating all dangers from electricity.

We own a team of electric workers and engineers with many years of experience and  quality electrical equipment that certainly will not disappoint you

Some common situations of electrical damage at houses, apartments:

-The lamp does not work .

-CB does not work.

-The switch does not work.

-Install more plugs.

-Install new or want to change.

-Use of overloaded power, CB jumps often

-Lack of 3-phase power supply

-Generator does not work

-When using socket without electricity.

-Want to install or replace

– The situation of sudden power outage, closed or switch CB is not possible.

-Want to replace new.

Dr.Home’s electrical system maintenance and repair services:

Quick repair

– Fix quick incidents.

– Electric shock in the wall.

– Electric overload, closed system, disconnected: CB, MCB, RCBO.

– Failure due to connection of electrical system, pressure drop due to leakage of electricity.

– 3-phase power adjustment.

– Electric pump system ….

– Install and replace new equipment.

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Regular maintenance

– Check the whole electrical system.

– Check the entire lighting system.

– Check the entire ban.

– Check the switchgear.

– Check the load of the wire when carrying the load.

– Clean the entire electrical cabinet.

– Check all voltage sources.

– Check all distribution cabinets and equipment in the cabinet.

– Check the consumption load of electrical equipment, calculate the total load.

– Cleaning electrical cabinets.

– Check the device core boxes.

– Check the load distribution of phases.

– Measure the input and output voltages of electrical cabinets.

– Try all switching devices such as CB, MCB, RCBO.

– Check the power cable.

– Record relevant electrical parameters for periodic monitoring.

Have a regular maintenance and maintenance of the electrical system, to prevent power cuts, power cuts, or explosions, … causing serious consequences on people and property.

Dr. Home gives you the most effective, safe and economical solutions for your home. Our responsibility is to share your worries, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to receive advice and free support from Dr.Home.

Let Dr. Home give you the best safe and saving solution. Our responsibility is to share your worried, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to get consultation and free support.

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