Repair gypsum board walls and ceilings

Drywall or sheetrock, is useful for space distribution.

Dr.Home’s provides professional staff to do gypsum board walls and ceilings to ensure the highest technical standards and quality.


Dr.Home will help your home:

– Repairing, maintaining and supplying all kinds of drywall – waterproofing, finishing paint

– Distribution and installation of genuine quality products

– Supply types of drywall, soundproof ceilings for all civil works, houses, factories, offices …. in HCM city.

– Design and set up drywall frame:  soundproof, heat insulation, moisture proof, fireproof.


Dr.Home guarantees:

– Original prices

– Manufacturer’s standards

– Give perfection to your home!

Let Dr. Home give you the best safe and saving solution. Our responsibility is to share your worried, contact our hotline at 0901 172 859 or 0902 413 859 to get consultation and free support.

Home Maintenance and Renovation

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