Repair wood furniture

Unlike iron and stainless steel… wooden furniture is favored because of its aesthetics. But how to preserve and maintain it for long and not fade … it is not simple.

Sửa chữa hệ thống đồ gỗ

Wooden furniture makes your room look like magnificent, but after a while, the wood begins to lose its gloss. Easily damaged by insects such as termites, weevils

Steps to maintain wooden furniture

– Wooden furniture should be placed that  is no direct light. For outdoor furniture, it is recommended to use simple wooden support tools such as soft towels, diluted washing water, specialized wood preservative oil.

– Should regularly clean wooden furniture

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Thi công sửa chữa nội thất gỗ biệt thự

Step 1: clean furniture

– Maintenance of wooden furniture should be carried out in a dry, clean place without being wet.

– Before you maintain the furniture, you have to clean the dirt with soft, clean water and dilute it with water to clean the stains.

– Rinse with water, dry furniture

Step 2: polish the furniture

Using smooth type paper to smooth the surface of products, just rub lightly is enough to smooth the surface. Use cloth to clean wood dust.


Sửa chữa hệ thống nội thất cho biệt thự

Step 3:  Paint the furniture and finish work

– Carrying over the protective oil layer on surface, plastic gloves should be worn when handling protective oil (do not use rubber gloves because it will break when contacting with wood preservative oil)

– The coating method is simple: use a paint brush or a soft cloth to soak the oil to the surface. When finishing the entire product, use a cloth to wipe away the residual oil stains on the surface and place the product in a dry place  to the preserved oil layer is dry.

– Operation can be repeated after 24 hours, to add a layer of preservation oil on the surface (but maximum about 2-3 layers). When the number of layers of oil stored more than one layer also means that your wood product is better protected.

– You can use wooden products again after 24 hours after covering the last preserved oil layer. Maintenance cycle is every 03 – 06 months.

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Service of wooden furniture maintenance

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