Upgrade floors

The definition of upgrade floors of all types

Service to upgrade floors for houses is being very much interested and learn by customers when the demand is increasing. The upgrade of houses is from existing houses and buildings, which will now be built with more floors, for example, from grade 4 houses to build more floors, houses from 1 floor will be built with 2nd floors, 3-storey houses will be added up. get 4 floors … Depending on the licensed category, your house, building will be added 1 floor, 2 floors, 3 floors or more floors. That depends on the regulations approved by the authorities.

That is to say, before you want to renovate, you must have a license, and the construction unit will proceed.

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The reasons arise for the need to build more floors

This is a very high demand in the construction items of Dr. Home for customers. Arising about the need to raise houses for the following reasons:

  • Add new members
  • Expand living space
  • Economic conditions improved
  • Change needs, purpose of use
  • Change owner and renovate and repair floors

Services of upgrading and raising floors are added by Dr Home to many customers. This is a difficult item, requiring a lot of experience and prestige to bring the best solution for customers.

Factors to consider when raising floors

At Dr. Home, Any construction items before construction, whether small or large, more or less, the problem is always not overlooked in the actual survey, that will help customers feel more secure about the service, Our responsibility, also through fieldwork, helps Home has the most accurate analysis to advise and find the best, most suitable solution to customers.

Raising floors and raising floors is a more difficult and even more complicated task than building new ones, because it is renovated on the existing foundation, how the house is used and the current situation …

Dr. Home will be classified into 2 cases of raising floors, raising floors as follows:

For houses that were previously built but according to a design and structure that are already designed for future construction of additional floors, now when the need arises, the additional construction will be simpler. too complex, it was in the calculation of the previous owner.

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For houses currently built and now being built or demand arises at the present time, the increase of floors will be very difficult, complicated and requires customers to choose a qualified company. Highly specialized, years of experience and reputation in the market to carry out construction, avoiding loss of time, cost or undesirable results, even more problems arise if the floor lift is not effective. Results, not quality, affect the current texture.

There are many things to consider and consider when determining the elevation of your home, These considerations help ensure the safety, structural integrity needed based on expectations. It is necessary to ensure that the surrounding conditions are not affected, safety instructions …

The increase of floors will always create many benefits for your house or buildings, offices, hotels … For homeowners who are residential, the floor upgrade, increase the floor will greatly improve the area. area and living space of your home more spacious and airy. For business owners, having more space will help you create more benefits and economic value. This helps expand the space compared to the present, flexibility and high efficiency. Homeowners or users will not feel restricted by the area compared to before.

Choose a reputable company to build more floors

Dr. Company Home specializes in all services on home repair, home renovation, facade renovation, building maintenance, rough house finishing and especially floor and floor lift services are our strengths. Customers can be completely assured when being Dr. Home service. With the criterion of “Building works – Keeping the faith”, this home improvement and repair service has served many customers with over 10 years of experience. Putting our psychology on our customers, we know what our customers need, want and with a high sense of responsibility and a professional mind, we grow stronger to serve our customers better and better again.

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Contact service to add floors

Dr. Home has a team of consultants, 24/7 support, ready to answer customers’ questions anytime, anywhere about services to upgrade floors, build more floors for you.

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